WPMAF Titles


WPMAF offers titles to individuals within martial arts independent of distinct martial art and federation affiliation. The requirement for each rank varies, and is mentioned behind every title. The titles are only connected to merit and an objective evaluation according to WPMAF criteria. All titles are awarded for free.



Seven titles are offered:

Supreme Grand Master (SGM): Extraordinary high level within a martial art, world

International Grand master (IGM): Highest level within a distinct martial art, internationally

Grand master (GM): Highest level within a distinct martial art, nationally

International Master (IM): Winner of five international tournaments or giving seminars in five countries, but still not at the highest level within the martial art

WPMAF Master (WM): A practitioner of martial arts that have achieved a high level and understanding

Candidate Master (CM): Any black belt

Master (M): Any person that have a high level within a martial art without a kyudan system


How to obtain a WPMAF title?

Send us an e-mail with the following content:

  1. Explain who deserve this title and why.
  2. We will then send you a request for additional information for the evaluation process.
  3. After a little correspondence everything will work out.
  4. The Certificate will be sent to your address or awarded on a specific event


NB! WPMAF does not have any external display of the awarded titles.