Seminars                                                                                                                            WPMAF encourages seminars to be arranged with participants from different martial arts.
WPMAF Works for Unifying Different Personal Martial Arts for Exchanging Knowledge and Mutual Growth Through Seminars According to WPMAF Council Directive 09/04/00 of 12th November 2009.

WPMAF seminars will be published through your own martial arts federation and not on this page. We are getting many and people might feel indignated by not finding their own seminar here.


2 thoughts on “Seminars

  1. I am currently playing with the idea of hosting an international martial arts “festival” in Norway, at summertime.
    The idea is to gather instructors from different martial arts in a large dojo, and have simultaneous training in different areas, and have one or 2 common session a day.
    The styles currently beeing considered are Judo, Acudo, Mizudo, Doce Pares, Muay Thai and Jujitsu. Hopefully, the “festival” or convention, will last a week 🙂
    but as I said, this is only in the “playing around with a cool idea”-stage…

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