Rank of Style

General                                                                                                                                          World Personal Martial Arts Federation has procedures to evaluated and validate martial arts degrees. All validations will be registered in the WPMAF register. This is useful for persons whom want an external body to evaluate their martial arts level or persons who have trained for many years without a proper examination. All WPMAF examinations will be conducted in a controlled manner according to WPMAF directive 07/09/11 Martial Arts Degrees. Please note the statement in the WPMAF directive 03/04/10. WPMAF should not be a competitor to any Martial Arts Federation. WPMAF is obligated by directives to aid with evaluation for a martial arts degree to any practitioner of Martial Arts who contact WPMAF.

Evaluations                                                                                                                            Normally these evaluations are done due to an interest of an external evaluation or problems with a distinct federation. WPMAF have pre-evaluated degrees from some federations in distinct countries; meaning WPMAF do not accept the degrees issued by some federations. Meaning the level is not according to what should be required for that distinct Martial Art Degree. This leading up to the October 2009 Declaration: “All Non-Validated …. Martial Arts Degrees Should Treated as Non-Existing until it is properly validated by an Independent Legal Body”.

WPMAF is starting a quest against awarding martial arts degrees to easy. Martial arts degrees from McDojos will be combated. This is why WPMAF have developed strict directives stating rules and regulations for awarding black belts.

The basic examination guidelines given by WPMAF are as follows:
– Minimum 16 years of age before awarded a DAN black belt.
– Minimum 2 years study time until black belt.
– External sensors at higher examinations.
– Not excessive exam fees.
– The complete curriculum for all degrees exist at the beginning of the training, and long before the examination
NOTE: This is parts of the WPMAF directive 12/42/14 Examination guidelines

A person wants an external body to evaluate his 2. Dan in Wu Dang Tai Chi because he feels that the federation is not enough. WPMAF investigation will be started and relevant directives will make the foundation for the evaluation. The martial artist will have an exam in his martial art following the curriculum given by WPMAF. All according to the presentation on the examination he will be awarded a 2. Dan WPMAF degree in Wu Dang Tai Chi or not.

A person wants an external body to evaluate his martial arts level for a higher belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has a 4. Dan in Tae kwon do, but want a 5. Dan. He is qualified, but the federation will not help him with the examination/ promotion. WPMAF investigation will be started and relevant directives guide the evaluation. The Martial artist will have an exam in Tae Kwon Do following the curriculum given by WPMAF. Normally in these situations WPMAF will use the current Tae kwon do federation’s curriculum and highly qualified Sensors. All according to the presentation on the examination he will be awarded a 5. Dan WPMAF degree in Tae Kwon Do or not. This evaluation should not be a regarded as a substitute for ANY degree issued by any other federation. In general WPMAF recommend taking the examination through the correct federation.

A WPMAF Degree indicates
This is a validated martial arts degree by an independent legal body. It can be used to underline a proper federation examination or as an independent examination.

The base of an evaluation

WPMAF Evaluations and Registration Procedures of Martial Arts Degrees is Done According WPMAF Council Directive 08/01/00 for Personal Martial arts,- 07/09/11 Martial arts Degrees and 07/08/01 Quality in Sports.


Who can evaluate degrees and – in what martial art?

Before any examination is conducted WPMAF office need to be notified. The person conducting the examination need to have a WRITTEN permission from WPMAF office to conduct examinations. WPMAF office will not give permissions to private martial arts. For example, WPMAF will not arrange or be a part of any examination in OKINAWA Karate, but WPMAF will arrange exams in TRADITIONAL Karate. The examination might focus only on OKINAWA Karate and its proper curriculum, but the Certificate will state TRADITIONAL. The word traditional in Chinese are Zheng zong, and means Correct lineage. This word indicate that this examination is conducted according to the correct lineage, but named nautral as traditional; without stating what tradition.

WPMAF have issued Certificates in all major martial arts. Persons that would like to have a WPMAF license to conduct exams just need to contact WPMAF office. Requierments for exams forllows the WPMAF Counsil Directive 24/03/13 for External examinations. The basic requierments are minimum 16 years of age before awarded a DAN black belt, minimum 2 years study time before black belt examination, external sensors at higher examinations, not excessive exam fees and a curriculum based examinaton (taken from WPMAF directive 12/42/14 Examination guidelines). The examinator need to have one degrees higher than the examined. Meaning you need minimum 2 dan to examine anybody to 1 dan or 5 dan to examine to 4 dan. It is also possible to apply for a WPMAF licence using a Menkyo Kaiden degree.