The World Personal Martial Arts Federation Philosophy is to promote the Diversity of Martial Arts in the World through Uniting the World of Martial Arts.

Declaration of Styles – World Personal Martial Arts Federation Declaration of December 2015
All Martial Arts styles need to be true to its own origin. A style should be open and absorb positive influence from other styles. At the same time a style cannot absorb other styles completely without becoming the other style. For example Kodokan judo does not have boxing included. Of course a trainer of judo might include some boxing, but if he includes too much the Kodokan judo will become boxing.

Styles evolve. Aspects is added and subtracted all the time, but in the moment fundamental parts is changed the style need to evaluate its existence and origin. Perhaps it has become something else.


Declaration of zero tolerance – World Personal Martial Arts Deceleration of December 2014

All Martial arts systems should never commit crime. Many cases of abuse conducted by martial artists have made WPMAFdevlare a crusade against all sex offenders, killers and kidnappers. They will become nulled in our files. All persons that have committed other hard crimes will require an additional application before entering the WPMAF system. If they have a Menkyo kaiden evaluation we will get it nulled. If they got a martial art style registered we will get it nulled. All teachers being connected to WPMAF need to have their path clean. Remember we are watching you!

Declaration of Values and honor – World Personal Martial Arts Federation Declaration of June 2014

All Martial arts systems should present them-self honest and be true and open to their origin. Internationally today we find many persons stating some exotic origin and military connections to their martial arts system. If it is not completely true, they should not state it. All statements of importance should be followed with some type of documentation that validates the clame. Martial arts should be loyal to common values and rigid in honor.


Declaration of Validity – World Personal Martial Arts Federation Decleration of July 2013

All Martial artists should present themselves with the Martial art style of there Out-most abilities. They should state style, if needed sub-style and rank, and finally WHO verified their rank. Internationally today we find many persons using the names of different styles and ranks that is not verified. Perhaps it is their own or their friends federation that have recognized them. It is needed with a neutral verification of the Martial artist. No neutral verification and the validity is low.


Declaration of Trainers – World Personal Martial Arts Federation Decleration of June 2012                    

All Martial Arts trainers can and should be Evaluated according to the level of his students and not the Kyudan of his students. All trainers need to have a certain level in his martial art to be able to preform as a trainer. Trainers that requires the students to pay a fee to receive his training need to have a higher level than free training.

A martial art that requires kicking need to have a trainer that can kick as well as a martial art that requires grappling need to have a trainer that know grappling. If he can not preform in any way he should be removed from his position as trainer. The only acceptable reason to continue as a trainer are age and functionality problems. If so the trainer need to have a helper when teaching what he can not preform.

Declaration of Truthiness – World Personal Martial Arts Federation Declaration of July 2010
All Martial Arts practitioners should be Evaluated according to both the Kyudan – and the Menkyo system; this to have a correct evaluation of the practitioner. Martial arts evaluations need and have to reflect the true martial artist and not only the examination candidate.

When Properly Validated By an Independent Legal Body; the Practitioner is encouraged to use the style authorized rank when practicing the distinct martial art, AND the WPMAF Menkyo System rank for the practice who includes aspects from other martial arts and when practicing other martial arts.

Declaration of Existence – World Personal Martial Arts Federation Declaration of October 2009
All Non-Validated Martial Arts/ -Styles and –Martial Arts Degrees Should Treated As Non-Existing Until It is Properly Validated By An Independent Legal Body