MMA vs Tai Chi

Text from: Fight Commentary Breakdowns on Youtube.

“Xu Xiaodong, the MMA fighter who destroyed that Tai Chi wind-bender wannabe, finally got another set of fights together, this time against two Wing Chun “masters.” The fights are epic and telling. One is by Xiaodong against one of the “four great Wing Chun masters in China” Ding Ho. The other fight (3:57) is Xiong Cheng Cheng (not Yi Long, though they kind of look alike) against another Ip Man lineage Wing Chun Master Yu Changhua. Also, there was supposed to be no kicks, but there were kicks thrown. So if we looked at what happened, they basically followed Sanshou rules. These fights show what works and what doesn’t work, as well as the need for weight classes. Hope you enjoy our commentary and research on the fighters. Please keep your comments coming, and please send us more clips.”