The REAL Knife fight


This video is going to upset a lot of people, yet I believe it’s important to bring up these arguments. There is a HUGE difference between a threat display and an actual attack. The best answer isn’t to engage, it is to run away. Check out these reports and stay safe. The most recent NHMP report (Virueda & Payne 2010) indicated that in 2007–08, more homicide victims died from stab wounds than from any other single cause of death. The number of homicides involving knives had remained relatively unchanged since 1989–90, although due to the decline in firearm homicides, knife-related homicides comprised a larger proportion of homicides recorded in the more recent data. In both 2006–07 and 2007–08, knives/sharp instruments were involved in 43 percent of homicides; by way of comparison, in 2000, knives and other sharp instruments accounted for only 30 percent of homicides. The vast majority of victims who died as a result of a stab wound in 2007–08 (92%) were stabbed with a knife. Stab wounds were the most common cause of death in Victoria, where they accounted for 59 percent of homicides; they were least common in Tasmania (20%) and the Australian Capital Territory (0%), although the small number of homicides in these jurisdictions (n=5 and n=3 respectively) should be acknowledged. Acquaintance homicides were particularly likely to be as a result of stabbing (52%), compared with 43 percent for domestic homicides and 20 percent for stranger homicides (Virueda & Payne 2010). Analysis of more recent NHMP data indicates that victims under 25 years of age are more likely to be killed with a knife than any other weapon. Indeed, 42 percent of male victims and 31 percent of female victims aged 18–24 years were killed with a knife, compared with 20 and 15 percent respectively who were killed with a firearm. In addition, where the offender was under 25 years of age, knives were used in 34 percent of homicides Follow me on my social networks:……


You need to look at this video also to understand the dangers explained by Luke Holloway the founder of Raw Combat International. He is a Personal Security & Survival Advisor