Create Fighters!

Martial arts are a way to fight; to make war against some kind of enemy. The way we fight is not static. Advancements bring new ideas to the forefront. We all know of the development of MMA within our community. With MMA we face a new problem. The control of the quality is strongly limited compared to before. Who knows what your teacher teaches. No quality control means a market for McDojos. The students often lack effective combat drills and a good old defense that works. Simply, often the teachers just teach something, and the result is depressing. Bottom end the problem is the instructor and the persons that hire him. In other words, this is the human element; leader and followers.

Hard training is the way to real knowledge. It is real knowledge all need to know, but not all manage to handle the sensation required to get it. Most martial arts schools have examinations every 3 to 6 months. The training is exam guided, not knowledge and skill guided. We need to get back the sweaty, dark gyms where people trained for real. We need to have good instructors that teaches us what works and not; not only a curriculum. We need to create fighters and not want to be´s.