The right to a martial art style or not


Registration process and Values in WPMAF

  1. You need to have a martial arts system that YOU invented. You can not RE-invent other martial arts like for example judo, Tae Kwon Do or Shotokan Karate!
  2. Selection of name is important. The name must NOT copy another martial art system. Often we find “ABC” with Karate/ Ju-jitsu behind.
  3. The martial art system need to be well documented and practiced in the dojo at the time you register.
  4. You can not register a fantasy martial art!
  5. The founder of the martial art will be considered to be Soke. Soke and automatically have 10. dan. No matter! 10. dan is the top degree. If the founder choose to take a lower belt that is entirely up to him.



  1. The martial arts background of the Soke might be from other systems or not. WPMAF do not interfer, but recommend some martial arts background before founding a new system; as minimum 2. dan. Fraudulent martial arts backgounds will disqualify the new martial arts system.
  2. The martial art level of Soke is relatively irrelevant. If his level is low it reflect the quality of his martial art system.
  3. Lineage will follow Soke. Therefore it will only be one accepted Soke pr martial art system.
  4. The division of belts depends entirely on the martial art system. Some like many examinations and belts, and some dont use belts.
  5. Black belt is normally an important cross road for many. The requierments for a BB depends entirely on the martial art sysem; some use 10 years and others 1 year to reach it.
  6. WPMAF will rate the martial art system. The rating will reflect if it is a bad – or top end martial arts system.
  7. Some martial arts are founded by persons that have invented a KLAN, inherritaged LINEAGE or other… WPMAF do not pay attention to historical claims, but a fraudulent fundament is a weak fundament. If discovered, the martial arts system will be permanentely banned from WPMAF!!!
  8. All types of fighting arts will be registered in WPMAF; martial arts, combat sports and self defense/ – protection.
  9. If the martial arts system makes special clames like flying abilities (yes it has happened) WPMAF need proof of that. 😉
  10. No system is superior of others; perhaps different, but alle are martial arts.
  11. All ranks given issued by a style (normally in the name of the styles federation) need to be accepted. The quality depends on on the martial arts system as commented before.
  12. belts
  13. A Master of a martial art is presenting himself a master in a distinct system. He can not present himself as anything else.
  14. The federation of the martial arts system is legitime. As long it does not make false clames; normally as a part of a old Japanese lineage or – klan, or as a thousand years old secret society. Fraudulent clames excludes the martial arts system from WPMAF. 
  15. The federation might issue certificates for different reasons. They should not be violating the rules and regulations that is commonly accepted in the society. For example, titles, belts and degrees can not be sold!
  16. WPMAF do not support mail order studies and other McDojo systems.
  17. MOOC courses might be interesting, but WPMAF does not recommend it for more than theoretical aspects.