Empty Force (EFO) and its creator Grand Master Jukka Lampila


EFO were invented by Jukka Lampila from Finland a few years ago. His martial art focuses on no touch of the opponent. Meaning that tori maniputales the energy or mental aspects of uke. More detaljs on the EFO homepage: http://www.efofinland.net/

Recently WPMAF have registered a lot of critic against this martial arts system in the media. The base for the critic are a seminar given by GM Lampila in Barcelona, Spain in december 2013, where he demonstrated his EFO techniques. The EFO techniques worked perfect on ALL that were introduced into system from before or other related systems as Kyosho, but failed to show ANY effect on others. EG. Lampila looked on his supporters and they fell to the ground, but the sceptics were standing firmly on the ground; no matter how hard GM Lampila were looking at them. After not demonstrating any effect on the test objects GM Lampila explained that EFO is not ment for self defense and that it only works on people that have an open heart. Giving growth for the idea that this martial art is fraudulent and totally useless.

In many martial arts we find the effect GM Lampila uses in his system: the Empty Force; og coures under different names and – contexts. In short, this is a technique where you through different mental manipulation techniques take control over the opponents mind and his movements. The more he allows himself to be manipulated, the more strange manipulations might take place. Some examples might positively be seen in the videos posted by GM Lampila. WPMAF find this techniques to be more of a hypnotic or psychological character and not connected to any transferrence of energies or super forces. It is widely accepted within martial arts that if a person manage to manipulate an opponent mentally that some special effects might occur. It is not needed to physically hit or – kick a person to make him fall. E.G. Some years ago research showed that through observing boxers before entering the ring you might predict the outcome in 85% of the maches. The mental game is closely related to the Lampilas EFO system. The more you are in contact with your open heart, the more easy for you to manipulate your opponent. The opponent need to respond to your EFO manipulation, but he does not need to be as open as you(!) One central aspect of EFO is the need of intention for acheaving an effect. This intention might be seen as your openness and the opponents interest in completing the attack. GM Lampila states that it is not possible to use EFO if the opponent lack intention.

EFO is regarded as a type of force, or more correctly explained as something we have around us that we need to synchronize with; in body and soul. When training EFO you will focus strongly on mentalizing exactly this aspect; to be in contact with the sorrounding EFO. Thereby making you in contact with the ever existing circumstances. To become in contact you need to as GM Lampila states time after time open your heart. If training EFO you will focus on enhancing the ability to open. In Chinese psychology we find an aspect named 虚里 Xuli. Xuli means inner emptiness. Perhaps that is what a EFO practitioner works towards. Becouse the goal of your 道 Tao is commonly regarded as your Xuli. In the quest for the depths of EFO we will find the need of personal inner opening; the search for the mental sensation of elevation and freeness through opening the heart. Beside this it is also important to integrate aspects as intention, grounding and breath. To be able to use EFO in a good way you need to let yourself free within the given parameters. The practitioner of EFO will project relaxation and peace and strangely enough also joy. In the peasefulness that follows we will find that the attack stops. As GM Lampila nicely puts it, he redirects the intention in the opponent. The superior way to change intention in an opponent are through no physical contact. Meaning that through mentalizing yourself and opening up, you will be able to afflict an opponents intention towards you. Making you able to manipulate the opponent to become something that you want. GM Lampila underlines that EFO is more about enhancing your life than fighting; to redirect intention or aggressive intention and not directly to fight. To project calmness might be seen as EFO; calmness will evaporate aggression. In short, EFO is another type of martial art. Not that physical and more in direction of self developement as Qi ging and Tai chi.

WPMAF need to remark that it is not vice to make public demonstration in a technique that depends strongly on marginal external factors, and that is mainly based on personal developement. Our President Volden one time said: “Big fighter make small fighter fall without touching. To make an opponent percive you as a big fighter will make him fall.” To trie to make a random person in a non-hostile setting percive the Big-Small phenomena is a difficult task. The chanses for failure are present. Making it easy to missinterpret the technique and to devaluate the complete system as fraudulent; as sadly seen in the case of EFO.

WPMAF strongly belive in the EFO system of GM Lampila (!), but find this type of courses as helt in Barcelona Spain as unserious. Further on, WPMAF recommend this type of courses only to be helt in close groups for advanced martial artists (minimum 1. dan), and NEVER for random people directly from the street. It highly possible that some might missunderstand the effect of this technique, and/ or might be hurt due to this. WPMAF also miss a proper explenation from GM Lampila on the effect mechanism of EFO. On the level of GM Lampila WPMAF expect an explenation more profound than just to say: “You need to open your heart!” Perhaps media did not pass on the complete explications from GM Lampila. On request GM Lampila answered our questions regarding EFO. All our dubts was deleted in an instante, and we highly recommend EFO within the frame presented above. WPMAF feel that a system like EFO were stopped on by sceptics and projected in media as a fraud. Becouse it is not a fraud, it is different. Without a proper way of explaining its function it is easy to analyze it wrongly. Perhaps the biggest mistake were to arrange an open seminar instead of an closed seminar for mature martial arts practitioners. WPMAF hope that this article will clear up some of the missunderstandings related to EFO, and support the progress and the spreading of the important message in this martial art system. Thanks you GM Limpila and also thanks to all you sceptics that exist all around us! Let us togehter move forward and continue exploring the different corners of martial arts!

For the record: EFO were rated as CI by WPMAF (reg.no. 2175) in 2012. Styles rated directly as CI will not be found in the martial arts style register. Read more about this rating system at the bottom of this page:  https://wpmaf.wordpress.com/ratings/ Note: If the founder of the style provide – and demonstrate knowlege that is according to WPMAF it is likely that the style will change rating. The idea of the style got good credits in the WPMAF evaluation, but explications and basic information were missing.

This is how  EFOs creator present his martial art:

This is how its critics present it:

We all have to agrea that the critics had their reasons to call EFO a fraud, but if it a fraud is a complete different question. WPMAF states that EFO is not a fraud, but as portretted by the critics and preformed by its founder it is a fraud. WPMAF would love to see a nautral and proper demonstration of the consept as a hole (Not a stunt sceptical video or a 100% cosept loving video) EFO are far to important to throw away. It is one of the pillars of warfare and thereby also all Martial arts.

Here is a short instructional video about how to create a Chi ball. Have in mind that according to WPMAF it is impossible to physically send energy from a person to another, but it is possible to make a person belive that you sent energy. If an opponent belive that he got hit by an energy ball he will act as he was hit by one.

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