News about the Menkyo system

The last months we have got many questions about this evaluation/ grading system. Most of them is about price. Again we inform you IT IS FOR FREE! The other frequent question is about when to use the WPMAF belt. Normally it is used at martial arts classes that include several different martial arts. Example in tae kwon-do (TKD)classes you use your TKD belt, but if you have a self defense class where you mix TKD with grapling you use the other belt. It is also recomended to use this belt at seminars and other martial arts events that is not directly connected to one distinct martial art. The third question is about if this degree/ rating is valid. Yes, it is valid. It is a evaluation that follows directives and is given from a registered federation. It is not a degree mill or a place to get easy degrees. It is requierments that need to be filled to recive the degrees. If you do not fill them, you will not get any degree. But if you fill them you will get them; for FREE.