We have got a lot of positive feedback from martial artists from all ower the world; and yes we have to admitt that it feels good to knowthat the we are on the correct track.

For all those of you who want contact please read this first:
1. Do a preliminary analysis of yourself first. You find all needed information provided on this site.
2. if you like what you find or if you need help. Feel free to contact us.
3. When you contact us we will send you a list of documents we need to verify the analysis,
4. If needed the techniqal comitte will need an examination. What, when and where we will agrea.
5. Evaluations every 3. year is for FREE!
6. WPMAF can help you to make a correct belt etc. if needed.
7. The people working for WPMAF loves martial arts and we that is why we work here